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Benefits of Resistance Training

Resistance or weight training is not only about getting physically stronger so that you can lift more weight. Here are some of the many benefits that a well-planned and well-executed programme can bring. 

Improved appearance

Personal appearance is greatly improved by resistance training due to increased muscle tone, strength, function and improved posture. Changes in body composition mean an increase in lean mass and decrease in fat mass, both of which greatly enhance the way you look.

Resistance training is an excellent way of preserving muscle mass and avoiding fat gain with age. Without exercise, adults gain on average 7 kg of fat every decade. Resistance training can help reduce body fat by increasing Resting Metabolic Rate.

Improved psychological well-being

Consistent strength training helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression; uplift your mood; and promote more restful sleep. As resistance training also improves body image, this has a major effect on psychlogical well-being. 

Avoiding age-related muscle loss

Muscle mass and strength tend to decrease with age. Without strength training, adults typically lose 2.3-3.2 kg muscle every decade.

This cannot be prevented by cardio-vascular exercise - only resistance trainng maintains muscle mass and strength as you get older

Reduced Injuries

A well conditioned and well-balanced body has a much smaller chance of sustaining injury. A stronger body is better able to avoid or resist imact injuries from falls and activites such as running or jumping. 

Reduced Blood Pressure

Resistance training has been shown to lower blood pressure. The effect is even greater if resistance training is combined with aerobic training.


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