Mental Well-being

In modern Western society, we deeply value good health, yet we have created a society and way of living so out of balance that damage to our long term health is the inevitable result. We rush around and push our bodies beyond their capacities. We ignore our bodies' messages of fatigue until they turn into more serious medical problems. We seek quick fixes so we can keep on going, not losing an ounce of productivity. It seems we have forgotten the wisdom of the ages that good health is not just the absence of disease, but involves healthy lifestyle, healthy mental attitude and healthy ways of relating to all living beings and nature.

Life Coaching

The mental health training will give you the knowlege and confidence to tackle problems such as dealing with high stress environments, managing anxiety and coping with depression.

Using positive two way communication, creating action plans, goal setting and through the use of techniques such as mindfulness and meditation, visualisation and life coaching, the goal is to focus on what you want to achieve, reach your goal and ultimately be happy.   

Corporate Health & Well-being Support

The wealth of a business depends on the health of its workers. 


Implementing strategy and investing in the physical and mental well-being of employees gives a business the ability to cope with everyday pressures, manage change effectively and improves resilience to bounce back from difficulties.


The Corporate Health & Well-being Support programme provided by GMG Personal Training is an end to end service as a Wellbeing Champion for companies and project teams.

For further information or to express interest in this service please get in touch via contact   

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