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You won't find a better PT than Gareth. He has helped me with strength and conditioning for 8 months now. The work we've done has really paid off helping me become a world champion at cycling. Top man.


Jon Gildea (double world champion at the 2017 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships in Los Angeles).

The Nourish to Flourish Lifestyle Plan recipes are so quick and easy to follow, and great weekend ideas! My 4 year old loves all the recipes we have tried so far and her favourites are the tomato, basil and carrot soup and the Mediterranean Chicken. Perfect for any busy lifestyles and something for all the family!


Nicola Carter

Thought I'd share a moment I've just had on checking my bag in. My bag got a heavy label, it is!

I converted the Kgs to stones to figure out what it weighs and realised it weighs what I've lost this year.

More than a bit horrified! To think I'd been carrying that mass around 365 days a year!! Happy days for me  :  )

Thank you for your continuing support.



Gareth has not only improved my fitness and helped me lose weight, he has given much more confidence when training at the gym. I would highly recommend him as a trainer.


Louise Scott

The curries in the Nourish to Flourish Lifestyle Plan beat a takeaway any time! They are so quick and easy to prepare that there is no excuse! The lamb curry and the mince masala are amazing! 


Colin Carter

Having finally accepted how lazy I am at the gym I thought it was time to get some help to lose weight. I contacted Gareth thinking a few sessions would set me on the right path. 5 months later I'm still working with him, the sessions, the sense of achievement and fitness are addictive! 

If anyone ever said before working with Gareth I'd be able to do a plank for more than 10 seconds I'd have laughed. Each session is set round you and your fitness level so you can build up the exercise at your own pace. I'm still surprised at the change I've made and how previously difficult exercises are now easier. 

Working with Gareth is the best thing I've ever done for my health. I'm almost at a stone and a half loss and my body shape has completely changed, I'm so happy with the results. Gareth is really supportive and encouraging and I'd recommend him to everyone.


Helen Waite

I can't believe how far I've made it in only a relatively short period of weeks - gone from someone who lacked real confidence in running to buying a running watch and knocking over 4 minutes off my time this week - it hurt but the sense of achievement was huge!! Gareth is a real professional - great approach, very encouraging but firm - love it!


Jo Weir

Having been with Gareth for 1 year, I have found that my fitness levels have improved a great deal. I have lost a stone which I am very happy with, and now I have a new target which I am aiming to have by the end of April. Someone asked me, why don’t I stop with the personal training now since I have lost the weight, my answer was, ‘I’ll never stop with Gareth now. When I don’t have him for a week, I fall off the wagon and I don’t want to get back into a size 14. I have dropped a dress size and I want to keep it that way.’ I have run a 10k run and I am due to do another one in May, and I am due to run a half marathon in September, I could not have done this without Gareth.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Gareth. He is a great mentor.

Thank you.


Laura Heaton

If you are thinking of getting fit for an occasion or just want to feel healthy, I would definitely recommend

GMG Personal Training.

I wanted to lose wait and tone up for my wedding and have managed to lose 2 dress sizes since my first fitting with the help of Gareth and no fad diet.

Thanks so much Gareth.


Laura Losada

Gareth was recommened to me by Cheshire Physiotherapy Ltd in Altrincham and I have been working with him for over a year. Gareth has significantly improved my overall fitness as well as my running style through a series of tailored, challenging programmes that ensure progression in body strength and stamina. Gareth is professional, knowledgeable and keen in his approach, and I would thoroughly recommend his services.


Theresa Saxon

I have been training with Gareth for approximately 5 years. He is polite, charming and friendly but is also not afraid to be tough on you when you need extra motivation to achieve a goal or are being lazy!

His workouts are always challenging but fun and he varies the content so that you don't get bored with them or stuck in a rut! He explains why you need to perform an exercise a certain way and the benefits you will gain by doing it properly. He also advises on nutrition which is very helpful in improving my fitness and health.

I always have fun with Gareth during my weekly session and we have a lot of banter - if I have an injury or a niggle or am not feling 100% he will tailor the workout to take that into account without compromising on my goals.

He has a good sense of humor and will have fun with you during the session without you getting your own way to try and be lazy! He pushes me when I don't feel like it and I always appreciate this at the end of a session and I am glad that he has not listened to my moaning!

I would recommend Gareth as a personal trainer to anyone - young, old, fit or not so fit as he always makes sure that he has your goals in mind and that you enjoy training and getting fitter and healthier!


Ellie Bradshaw

Personal training with Gareth has improved my fitness levels dramatically. His carefully prepared sessions, combined with strong motivational skills have encouraged me to work harder than I ever imagined. If you would like to get fit I would wholeheartedly recommend these 1:1 sessions.


Steve Garbutt - Head Coach Lymm Tennis Club, Cheshire

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